After Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp also hacked

hey there, here is a news that will make you go in coma. Just kidding. Only a day later Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp (a famous health based site) also hacked leading to a potential client data compromise, consisting of patients personal information exposed.

According to the American Medical Collection Agency, LabCorp its third-party billing arrangements peddler was hacked. With which hackers gained access to AMCA’s online payment system. LabCorp said the hack took place within August 1, 2018, and March 30, 2019. The company revealed millions of customers to AMCA for billing collections and 7.7 million clients data stored in their system has been hacked.

The confined data consists of Customers first and last names, credit card and bank account numbers, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, dates of service, health care provider information, and the amount customers owed also many were not disclosed.

LabCorp clarified AMCA was not provided with information about tests, lab results or diagnostic information. Further stated AMCA did not store the Social security number. LabCorp is sending warnings to its customers informing about the hack in which it is believed nearly 200,000 customers’ credit card or bank account data has also been negotiated.

lapcorp hacked

AMCA is proposing to offer assumed customers with identity protection and credit monitoring service for two years. LabCorp has made a judgment to discontinue its business with AMCA as it continues to investigate the breach. The company has also taken down its web payments page. LabCorp said – “We remain committed to our system’s security, data privacy, and the protection of personal information.”

The customer’s data compromised in the case of LabCorp was probably breached in AMCA’s hack. Earlier Quest Diagnostics hack compromised Social Security and medical information but no search results. Quest has referred 11.9 million customers to AMCA. Quest Diagnostics has ended using AMCA for billing and forensic experts are asked to carry out investigations.

AMCA has not further provided detailed information about the incident and which clients might have been affected to both LabCorp and Quest. AMCA said on Tuesday – “LabCorp takes data security very gravely, including the security of data handled by vendors.” On the other hand. Quest said it remains devoted to keeping their patient’s health care providers and all relevant parties informed as they learned more.

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