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Best way to secure your Facebook account in just 5 easy steps.

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Best ways to secure your Facebook account 

Hello there, how is your day going on and as we know that Facebook owns billions of users and it contains enough data for the hacker to use for either capital use or can blackmail us easily? So to be safe from them we must play a good game.

Now, get into these steps to be more secure on Facebook. Your data might be safe by following these steps so let’s move into it. The steps are given below.

1. Allow login notification for facebook 

This is the feature that helps you to get notified when anyone is trying to access your account or is already login. It indicates when your account details are filled from an unknown device that you haven’t used before. It notifies using email and also sending messages to mobile networks.

2. Use a strong password and update it usually

The best way to secure your Facebook account is by using a strong password and upgrade it on a regular basis. A strong password is a mixture of alphabets, numbers and special symbols and is more than 10 letters. You can use password suggestions software or use google password suggestions.

3. Be alert from a phishing attack 

Phishing Attack is a type of attack where a hacker makes fake facebook panel or form where people type their id and password and then their id gets attacked. To be safe from these attacks always enter your login details on the Facebook official site only.

Hackers can transfer you a link to a similar page that looks like Facebook to steal your data. So, be sure to enter your Facebook data in sites starting with https://.

4. Authorize two-step verification 

This specialty sends you an authentication message to your phone every time you log in to your Facebook account from a new device or from an uncache device. Facebook will send you unique that will enable you to access Facebook in that session only.

Once the session has expired, you need different unique codes sent by Facebook to access your account. This feature is so great that, if the hacker broke your password, still he cannot access your account which is absolutely a plus point for all of us. If your Facebook account is your preference then you should catch this to keep your account secure and get the best result.

5. Defend yourself from spyware and malware

The problem of hacking or getting data is not only based on the web. A person may get your data through the wicked software which you may be installed unknowingly in your device.  Some of this software could also lead to spam pop up ads on to your browser. You can avoid this by using spyware, adware and malware remover.

So, this all, for now, we will be sharing more contents if you have problems then please comment and peace.

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