Call of Duty Mobile closed beta? For Mobiles But Why?

Hey there, here is a piece of bad news for you if you are a fan of call of duty. The game launched as a beta version call fo duty on the mobile phone gets closed today. The company started working out the game to some of the pre-registered users on a random basis. But alas! Now, the developers have formally closed the Beta plans of the game.

In a piece of recent news, the Call Of Duty team has shown the credit in increasing the availability of the Call Of Duty Mobile game. Countries including India, USA, Canada, China, and others now know that the ended beta has ended, we can assume that the developers are planning to release the public beta of the game soon which will be globally available.

It is deserving combining that Call of Duty Mobile has been developed in collaboration with Tencent Games, which is also the developer of PUBG Mobile. The title brings the same PC gaming experience from the following.

The notification appears with this message – “Thank you for playing and providing your invaluable feedback. We have seen some amazing gameplay and have received a large number of constructive comments. You have instrumental in helping us ensure we release the best possible game at launch. We look forward to seeing you in future Betas, not to mention the full release”

This will probably be followed by the formal publicity of the game later this year. We can get a hint that we are soon getting the game as the notification shows –  “We look forward to seeing you in future Betas”. Which clearly indicates that there are more beta versions down on the way so just wait. The game has moved offline at present, leaving players waiting for the next beta release or might be a full release.

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