Chrome 76 new update, brings dark theme, prevents incognito mode detection.


Hey there, Hagtend is again back to give you regular tech news. A Google project or update known as chrome 76 has finally released by google, the stable version of the browser across all major platforms like Android and iOS.

The important point of this update is that it now does not provide the website to know the browsing environment of the user. The Chrome 76 brings numerous new and cool features to the browser such as a dark mode for which people have been waiting for long.

The Chrome 76 update also improves the Dark Mode feature and now the website can automatically enable and disable the dark mode to match the color theme of the website with the addition of prefers-color-scheme media query. Also, to prevent websites following whether the user is browsing in incognito mode or not, Google has implemented a “detect private mode” script.

Google has further made installing the Progressive Web Apps easier by attaching a new Install button directly on the address bar but only if the website sustains the Progressive app. On mobile, the mini-info bar popup to install the Progressive Web Apps has been turned off by default.

Likewise, Chrome 76 now indicates the need to install the new app every day instead of every three days from the previous build. The updated version of Google Chrome, the Adobe Flash will be turned off by default and users have to enable it by going into the address bar and typing: settings > Content > Flash or by typing chrome:/settings/content/flash (manually). The Chrome 76 now brings the image support to the Asynchronous Clipboard API allowing users to easily copy and paste images while working on images.

For downloading the Chrome 76 update, tap on the three-horizontal bars from the top right corner. Click on More and hit Update Google Chrome option. Once done, hit Relaunch. Android and iOS users can directly head to their respective app stores and renew the app.

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