DJI OM 4 announced with new Magnetic Clamp

DJI has freshly launched its latest mobile gimbal. Let’s check out the specs, features, and many more about it. However, DJI is a name that is generally associated with professional and consumer-level drones. Now the brand’s portfolio covers a wide range of photographic equipment including smartphone gimbals and camera gimbals as new devices.

All About DJI OM 4

Magnetic Clamp

Apparently the biggest change between OM 4 and Osmo Mobile 3 is the new magnetic mount. Users can now attach their phones to the gimbal without having to deal with the mechanical clamp. You can do it by following 2 steps. You can either, lock the back of your phone to the magnetic ring holder or use the ultrathin magnetic clamp to settle your phone. The magnetic ring holder can also be used as a stand-alone kickstand.



For the most part, DJI has kept the design of the OM 4 unchanged so it looks just like other gimbals of DJI. The OM4 comes with an enhanced motor that extends a better range of motions to the users. DJI declares that the DJI OM4 can be used with smartphones as heavy as 230 grams. Although, OM 4 is somewhat more compact it is more portable than its ancestors. It also weighs less (390 grams) than the OM 3 (405 grams).

New Software Update

DJI has added some new features in the recent update. Some of the features are:

  • Active Track 3.0: This feature is AI and can help to recognize persons and pets perfectly than others in the run. This feature makes following a subject even more comfortable.
  • CloneMe Pano: It is a new feature that allows users to appear at various places in a panorama shot by taking several pics.
  • Dynamic Zoom: This feature enables the user for zooming in and out as the users move towards and away from the subject.
  • Spin Shot Gimbal Movement: It is a feature available in the DJI Mimo app. When activated it just rotates the smartphone for an awesome filming effect.

Some other features than this can include Story Mode, Gesture Control, 240-degree pano, Quick Roll, Slow Motion, and 3×3 pano.

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