Download: Special wallpapers from Disney and Pixar for Samsung Galaxy S10


Hey there, what’s up? Are you a fan of Disney and Pixar then here is a piece of good news for you if you use Samsung galaxy s10. Now you can download special types of wallpapers from Disney and Pixar for Samsung Galaxy S10 in free. The special wallpapers released by Samsung include wallpapers from your favorite films and series that playfully hide the camera hole using various types of cartoon characters.

How To Download Samsung Galaxy S10 Disney wallpapers

Samsung in collaboration with Walt Disney creators of popular films and series which includes Mickey Mouse, Frozen, The Incredibles and Zootopia. The Comics nicely cover the camera hole at the top right of the screen in a playful design.

The special Disney wallpapers can be downloaded for free in the Galaxy Store. You can also choose from many other wallpapers available in the Galaxy Store but all are not for free as you know. Also, the wallpapers are exclusively available only for Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e smartphones only so if you are an s10 or s10e user go for it.

User with Galaxy S10 Plus can also go ahead and download the pictures but since it comes with a double selfie camera the gap on this device is doubly as large. The background as an outcome of this doesn’t fit well. Samsung has promised it will be releasing more special wallpapers in the future for those devices.

All About Galaxy S10 Wallpapers

Samsung while adding official Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers has taken care of the camera hole, due to this it has dark colors at the top of the screen. Designers earlier let their creativity run wild when they created a number of alternative Galaxy S10 wallpapers that took care of covering the front camera.

Freshly, there has been a substantial drop in the price of Galaxy S10. This may prompt you to buy one now, the Galaxy S10 comes with a sharp display, a strong camera, and powerful hardware you will also love the camera and the performance of this phone so, if you are thinking for getting this it is a great choice.

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