Facebook planning to rank comments for ranking meaningful comments

hey there, I am back again with a new post or article. Just now I have got the news that progress to make conversations on public posts more meaningful, Facebook has rolled out an update where it will rank comments to promote those that are most relevant to users.

Facebook will now start showing comments on public posts on top when the comments possess interactions from the page or the person who formerly posted or from friends of the person who posted it.

“We will continue to take other signals into account so we do not prominently show low-quality comments, even if they are from the person who made the original post or their friends,” Said by – Justine Shen, Product Manager at Facebook

The users can control the comments on their posts by hiding, deleting or engaging with comments. The ranking is on by default for Pages and people with a lot of followers, but Pages and people with a lot of followers can choose to turn off comment ranking when they want.

People who don’t have as many followers will not have comment ranking turned on automatically after there are fewer comments overall, but any person can decide to allow comment ranking by going to their settings.

“We want people to see safe and real comments. If a comment violates our community standards, we remove it” said the facebook when I was contacting them.

“We also take into account other signals, like engagement-bait, to address the integrity of information and improve the quality of comments people see,” said the Facebook.

so, I think you have got a good knowledge about the Facebook ranking and more details will be published on this site as soon as we get the news so stay tuned with us: hagtend.com, like our facebook page by clicking here

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