Google has suspended this Samsung app from Play Store

Hey there, Today news is the company known as Google has suspended a fraudulent mobile app on the¬†Google play store¬†called “Updates for Samsung” for violating the policies of google play store that declared to offer system-level Android updates to the smartphones.

Google said in a statement on Monday, that “providing a safe and secure experience is a top priority of us and our Google Play developer policies strictly forbid apps that are unreliable, malicious, or intended to abuse or misuse any network, device, or personal data. When violations are found, we take action”

The Verge summarized – In addition, the developer of the app claimed that it was pulling the app to “remove the firmware service portion and non-Google payments”, although it said that the app was a “convenience to our audience”. In an authentic communication, CSIS Security Group indicated that as many as 10,000,000 users were tricked into downloading this app from the Google Play Store.

The report declared that the app offered a free download with restricted speed limits of 56KBps, which took around four hours to finish a download more than 500MB in size. CSIS’s report also points out that the pretentious application even offers counterfeit SIM unlocking for $19.99.

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