Google Messages app is getting these two new features

It appears that messaging platforms are about to see a revamp across mobile phones as it’s not just Google with Android looking to introduce new features. Even Apple unveiled several new features at the recently-concluded WWDC event.

In iOS 13, iPhone users will get the option of having a display name, a profile picture among other things. Internet search giant Google is testing out new features in its Messages app. According to a report by XDA Developers, the two new features are SMS Reminders and Verified SMS.

SMS Reminders

As per the screenshot, soon when an Android user will receive an SMS, they will get an option stating ‘remind me in 1 hr’. As per the report, there will be no choice to change the number of times to delay the reminder.

Verified SMS

As per the report, Verified SMS will check if a business that’s messaging you has been verified. The screenshot provided reveals that Google won’t see your message content. The feature is described as giving “safer chats with businesses that send Verified SMS,” which means it will aim at reducing scam and phishing SMS that people have been receiving.

Back in May, Google said it killed its messaging app Google Allo with the aim to focus more on the Messages app of the company. As recorded by XDA, – Google has launched a new toggle called Assistant suggestions under the Smart Reply & Suggestions section.

Once a user enables Assistant suggestions then the settings will allow the Assistant to follow a conversation that is taking place within the app and give suggestions on the basis of certain keywords and phrases.

For the case, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of the discussion in which he introduced Hot pot style, which is the cooking method. By reading this, the Google Assistant icon supported and suggested a list of Hot pot restaurants nearby.

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