Google Warns Users Against Installing Chrome Extensions on Edge

Microsoft recently had changed its browser to chromium look just like opera, brave adding lots of advantages to the browser. Users could now access the Chrome Web Store’s vast library of extensions, install them and use them freely. But here comes a twist, Google has started warning Edge users that Chrome is the more secure browser to install and use extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Web Store now displays a warning when users are accessing the website to install any extension on the Edge browser. The warning message seems a banner just below the URL field and says “You will need google chrome to install most apps, extensions and themes” but before it used to say that “Google recommends switching to Chrome to use extensions securely.”

It seems that the Chrome Web Store is identifying Microsoft Edge through its user agent string and is not revealing this banner warning on any other Chromium browsers such as Opera and Brave.

This warning doesn’t affect the ability to install Chrome extensions on Microsoft Edge, preferably just warning users against the system. It seems this is just a scare, as there are no known security implications to using Chrome extensions on Edge.

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