Hagtend to come into Neplease tech market

Hagtend a tech portal which was writing tech news and providing people excellent service globally has now reported to change itself to Nepali tech celebrating its (first) 1st anniversary CEO of Hagtend, Manish Koirala has announced. The portal was a leading site in the context of tech.

Due to some reasons, the site has not been working for more than a quarter year but at this moment Hagtend is going to change the site. According to Koirala, the site will be ready until the evening of May 8, 2020. The site will not be changing the language though it will be changing the contents from the global market to the Nepalese market now onwards. Also not changing the whole scenario Hagtend will not stop providing tech news globally rather it will focus on the Nepalese market.

Hagtend has officially posted to change its site for Nepalese people on their Facebook page and also has twitted on Twitter. The website is currently on a maintenance period changing the site interface and overall system. Hagtend has also decided to upload videos on youtube on both languages i.e. Nepali and English but more of the contents will be in Nepali for techies in Nepal.

Helping peoples to get knowledge about tech Hagtend is now stepping on its way. This news is beneficial to all of the people in Nepal who loves technology and science. You can also contribute to Hagtend.com if you have unique content related to tech. So, getting to the point visit Hagtend if you are a technology lover.

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