Have You Dropped Your Smartphone In Water! You Must Do this

Hey there, have you dropped your phone in water any time or who knows that your phone may get dropped after some time? So, follow these easy steps to make your smartphone fresh and get on work after bathing means to say after dropping.

Firstly Switch off the device immediately
The first and leading thing you can do once you drop your smartphone in water is to completely turn off your device.

If the smartphone comes with a removable battery try to eliminate it and wipe off the water with a dry cloth. Keep the device aside to dry and if you can clean off the water, use a dry tissue or fabric.

Don’t try to move too much of the housing though.

Another basic thing would be not ordering your device on the charger to dry or connect the wet device in contact with electricity. This misconception can take you dearly and result at the end of your device as well you can get a good treatment for dropping the phone in water.

Disassemble the device
To assure water does not cause too much damage to your device, it’s best to get rid of water from the smartphone as possible. You will need to dismantle the device as much as possible but don’t try to break the parts.

You can start with removing the SIM card from the opening if the batter is removable remove it, and remove the memory card. You can use a dry cloth or a tissue paper to absorb as much moisture out of the device.

Shake, shake and shake and make mobile to vomit the water.

If your phone housing is different or unique then don’t detach the parts of phones you may break it. The other reason is at times it can be simple to open up the housing but it would be difficult when you try to get it all back together.

Let the device to dry in…
Another option is to use silica gel, you can find these in shoe boxes and electronic packaging. Also, you can use a rice bucket full of rice. You can collect these for the bad days when you need them.

Lay, your smartphone to dry for at least 24 hours before you try to switch it on over.

These are the primitive and basic things you can try do to when you drop your smartphone in water. If your smartphone loses to restart, the best chance it to get it operated by a good repairer or the seller of the device. At times water points to break a circuit or two which turns your phone dead.

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