How To Remove Malware And Viruses From Android Smartphone

Hey, there are you using mobile and is it becoming hang? then here is the solution, You know Android is an operating system that helps us do our day to day life faster and it is an open source operating system. It has become a part of our lives.

People are facing the problem of phone hang, slowdown, and many more only because of malware and viruses attack. Google also constantly updating it’s a security feature.

Despite this, there is your smartphone that can be beaten by a virus and malware, but no need to be shocked, there are many ways and apps are there to remove and protect from them.

By the way, you can go for a much android play store where the number of apps is accessible which you can install and it will help form viruses. How to know you’re mobile affected by viruses and malware?

Some steps to know…

  • Automated pop-ups
  • Data show error
  • Battery down
  • Mobile slow down
  • Mobile hang

And some of the fake apps have freeware and cheats which automatically install when you installing that app. If you found the above issue, you need to follow the below steps.

Steps to remove the viruses or malware from mobile.

  • First, you need to reboot them by using your mobile buttons. You have to keep pressing the volume up or down button with the power button according to different devices.
  • After boot loader just click on the restart
  • After restart go for setting
  • Then go for the apps installed in your device
  • Uninstall the app which automatically installed
  • If you find some apps are unable to disable or uninstall then go the Settings> Security> Device administrators and deselect the app
  • Then go for restart your phone
  • If after restart you are suffering the same problem then you can go for reset option located in setting and the security. Where you have to select erase all the data you have in your device…
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