How To Reset My Facebook Password Without Old Password

Hey there, Are you in trouble of getting your account back if your Facebook account is closed? then here is the solution, You may be able to get back into your Facebook account by using an alternate email or mobile phone number listed on your account. You may also be able to get help from friends.

Keep in mind that you’ll only see these options if you set them up. To see if you have these options:

  • Go to the Facebook login page and click Forgot account? in the top right.
  • If you don’t see your account listed, fill out the form to identify your account.
  • Select a contact method listed on your account to have a password reset link sent to you. If you can’t enter your emails or mobile phone number, click No longer have access to these?
  • If you’ve previously set up these options, follow the instructions provided or get help from friends.

If you’re helpless to reset your password directly on Facebook, try contacting your email service provider to regain access using your email.

Once you get back into your account, you can change the login email on your account anytime in your account settings.

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