Huawei smartphone users cannot use Whatsapp on their smartphone

No Whatsapp On Huawei ( EXPLAINED )

Hello guys and today there is a piece of sad news for those Huawei smartphones which are running right now because after 3 months i.e. August 19 all the features will run out so The open-ended trade war between the US and China is not only limited to Huawei. It might start to Huawei smartphone users from being away from the use of Whatsapp on their smartphone.

After the commands, the Chinese smartphone company is building a new operating system that will host its own Apps Store. However, reports suggest the US government will ban the manufacturer from installing their apps.

With Google withdrawing the license for the Android operating system “Q” from Huawei amidst the trade ongoing trade discussion. Under endless pressure from the US confirms the Chinese company has made its plans clear to develop its own operating system which will be released by next spring known as hongmeng.

Even though Huawei will develop its own operating system and app store it will be a problem for Huawei consumers. Huawei will not be able to purchase US products, as the US government has banned the installation of communication technologies and services. Which clearly means no more WhatsApp and US apps on Huawei smartphones.

Uncertain Future of app updates for Huawei users

Google allowing to provide updates for the time being to the currently available Huawei phones and Android updates for the next three months only. The cut-off date being August 19, 2019, the future of app updates for Huawei users is uncertain.

Things that can be banned after 3 months

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media
  • All Products of google for old phones
  • Wi-Fi
  • SD card error
  • Software crash
  • any app made by the US registered the company
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