Instagram working on a new way of recovering hacked accounts

Hey there, just to offer more boldness in recovering hacked accounts, Facebook-owned messaging app Instagram is testing a new in-app account recovery process.

To control cases where the hackers alter username and contact data linked to the accounts, Instagram is offering a safeguard that would prevent any username from being claimed for a “period” after account differences, whether it is a hack or a voluntary change. The new method is designed to ensure account recovery even if the hacker alters the username and contact information linked to the account.

With this process, the photo-messaging app also intends to prevent hackers from using email or phone number codes to get over accounts from different devices, the report said. For now, articles on the wider availability of this in-app remains unclear, all the way username lockdown has been made available to all Android users now which is being deployed to iOS users as well.

Presently, to recover a hacked account, users have to either wait for a recovery email or fill out a support form, making the process time-consuming. The latest recovery process is directed at allowing users to recover an account from within the app itself, preferably than having to lean on the security team.

Instagram’s decision comes two months after its parent company Facebook admitted to having “fixed a security issue” that had been preserving passwords of 200-600 million users in the average text and “readable” format since 2012, which were also searchable over by 20,000 of its staff members.

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