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iTunes is Officially Dead Now, Apple Is all Set To Stop Services To Users

itunes dead
Hey there, do you know that the apple company is going to stop its iTunes service soon . here is all about it just check it. iTunes has reshaped the entire music industry when it was announced.
It has completely transformed the way people used to listen to music. The app has been in presence for eighteen years and now finally Apple has planned to stop its services. The app can be used for sharing the files, watching TV shows, etc aside from music.

iTunes Will Be Substituted With Three New Apps. Apple iTunes was published back in 2001 and back then it was the best store that has been giving online music services.

The app used to protect music from piracy and made sure that all are safeguarded whole the time. Users had the provision to purchase the music that they like. They were not bound to pay for the music that they are not interested in.

The whole purchasing plan was very simple. The best stuff about iTunes is one can sync their songs beyond iPods and Macbook or any other Apple devices. The company made certain that the requirement of users is catered with absolute perfection.

This app is about a couple of decades old now and the business has planned to put an end to it. These days Apple is pushing its users to use the Apple Music app.  This app has a monthly subscription and users can listen to all the songs that they like.

The app doesn’t charge for individual songs. Users can sync the songs across various devices with Apple Music too. Another app that is replacing iTunes is Podcasts. Users can hear the content creators they like.

The TV app will present various TV shows and series that were available on iTunes earlier. The iTunes purchases and coupons will prevail as they are in the new apps too.

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