Microsoft rebranding Bing search engine.

Microsoft is going to rebrand its search engine Bing and the developer community has observed noticeable changes to the service in the current events. It makes sense as Microsoft is a much bigger brand than just Bing. The tech giant has also renamed its Office 365 offering as Microsoft 365.

Microsoft has either extended what appears to be A/B testing, where some of the people see the same old Bing logo whereas some see “Microsoft Bing” or has totally changed to the new style a report says.

Currently, In accordance with a report published in 2020 by a data giant NetMarketShare, Google had nearly 84 percent market share while Bing had only 6 percent. So here we can judge how the back is bing from google.

‘Microsoft Bing’ The new brand as well its logo seems to hold its way to the Bing homepage and on all other Bing services. The company has also rebranded Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender. In the present situation, The technical giant, Google tries to dominate the search engine market being google on the top.

In its fourth fiscal quarter (Q4) 2020 income results, Microsoft said search advertising revenue has decreased by 353 million USD or 18 percent from the quarter published a year ago. Bing tells as advertisers spent less on ads or paid search results they have faced this situation.

Microsoft has also updated the Outlook for Android app to add Microsoft Bing search integration to the long-press menu. Many users who have Microsoft Outlook installed on their Android devices have seemed a different option to perform a Bing search when selecting text this is where the update exists.

After starting the Outlook app to check an email and if a user long presses on any of the word in the email text then he/she will be able to see a pop-up menu will appear with three options: Web Search, Translate, and Bing Search.

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