Ncell closed iFlix today : things you must know

Ncell has announced the closure of its video service iFlix from today (June 6). iFlix is a subscription-based video streaming service founded in Malaysia that runs its service in 13 different countries now and Ncell is the one to bring it in Nepal. The company has apologized for the trouble caused by the sudden decision taken by Ncell.


iFlix operates in 13 different countries in Asia. It runs various television shows, series, and films that were awesome. iFlix is providing services exclusively in the countries where Axiata has invested.

In the beginning, Nepali movies and various television shows could be availed through iFlix by buying data and now paying money. It is stated that there are more than 20 million active users of iFlix in Nepal since 2074 BS.

What about the money that Ncell has taken for subscription

According to the agents, Ncell will give back the money, or else people who have subscribed will get all of the movies and television shows that they has subscribed for but the true fact is not till disclosed by Ncell. But as I think Ncell will not refund the amount collected from the users.

What is the reason for closing iFlix

Ncell has not disclosed the reason for the sudden shutdown iFlix in Nepal till the time and according to some rumors Ncell was not earning that good from iFlix. But our team has found that Ncell was earning a good amount from the company so there might be some internal issues with both companies.

ncell blocks iflix

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