PUBG Mobile Season 12 : Know All Features

The PUBG Mobile Season 12 update will be titled as 0.17.0. It is already available on beta. The update would come up with new skins, clothes, and accessories which are expected to be based on the celebration theme. There are some leaks of the upcoming update of PUBG mobile and some of them are collected by the team for you.

Battle Pass

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Battle Pass will come with “Together We Play” theme royal battle pass along with weapon-skins and outfits. The outfit can be achieved after completing RP level 100. Also, the skins and outfits are really awesome as per the leaks.

Extreme Cold

In the new update of season 12, players will have to fight off the cold. There will be cold waves that will drain the health of the players until they take shelter and has to burn the firewoods. Players now also can hunt animals and chickens to eat during “extreme cold wave”.

Death Replay

Death Replay will allow players to replay his or her death like that in a video mode. This feature is currently available in the PC versions. A gamer can see the replay to make sure that the mistake isn’t repeated using this feature.

Colour Blind Mode

PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO), Chinese game creator Tencent had said that the color-blind mode will be added to the game in 2020. As of now, this mode is available in the beta version of the update.

New Locations

According to the leaks, In the new update of season 12, you will also see the establishment of two places UAZ and Dacia to the oldest map for PUBG mobile in Erangel.


The new update will allow players to place eight different types of markers rather than one, enabling them to distinguish between places of interest, enemies, animals, etc.

New Weapons

Season 12 will moreover introduce the association of the Double Barrel Pump Action Shotgun. And UZI, an SMG gun will now be dressed with a red-dot or holographic sight, which allows shooting by greater efficiency.

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