Samsung launches wireless charging pad and can charge three devices at once

Samsung has recently launched it’s Wireless Charger “Trio” that can wirelessly charge up to three devices together. Samsung is throwing the device as a single charging solution to help you charge your phone, earbuds, and smartwatch together.

While the device is made to support all Samsung devices, there is no factual evidence as the accessories from other brands will be supported or not for the wireless charging.Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Trio

Samsung had a similar wireless charging pad before also that provided users to charge two devices together like a phone and watch. The Wireless Charger named Trio is just an upgrade to its previous one and now it can charge three devices simultaneously.

It seems that other devices may be compatible as well because the pad supports the Qi wireless charging standard. Nevertheless, Samsung showcased a range of other devices like the Tab A7, Galaxy Fit2, A42 5G, and Galaxy Z Fold2. Samsung also showcased the Odyssey G5 gaming monitor, a smart short-throw projector called the Premiere, and other appliances.

Till the date, Samsung hasn’t shared any information about the Wireless Charging Trio related to its price in SouthAsia or date of availability.

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