Stop Using This Android VPN App

Hey, Do you use VPNs and are you fully secure from that VPN? Just because a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app is defending your mobile browsing from spying eyes you are using them, but it doesn’t mean it is not getting your data or controlling your operating system. So before you believe that highly-rated VPN with a million installs on the Google Play Store, know that there’s a list of suspicious Android VPNs that take more permissions than they actually need, putting your privacy at risk. And here we have one to talk about.


This VPN offers unlimited data transfer and connection time so many people go with it and due to this, they face different problems. proXPN is based out of the US. That simply is a dealbreaker. Any VPN based out of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand — the so-called “Five Eyes” intelligence community should generally be avoided if you’re watching to max out your privacy.

The app hasn’t been updated on Google Play since 2017, the company’s two Twitter handles have been dead since 2018, many of their site’s security documents have been expired since March.

Gaining plenty of user reviews complain about being unable to connect, and of the two public phone numbers listed, one is no longer in operation and the other is no longer receiving messages. We don’t recommend this VPN because lots of reviews are against this VPN and also it does not have any privacy or safe certificates running on the present.

Reviews of PROXPN VPN



Talking about my choice VPN services are in a huge race, but so far NordVPN has the lead in 2019. Its strict no-logging policy, kill switch, and selection of 3,500 servers in more than 61 countries make it hard to beat. It accepts payment via bitcoin and offers an anonymous email. It’s also closing the gap against NordVPN in terms of server count, having recently doubled its offerings more to than 3,000.

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