Things You Should First Do When You Get A New Smartphone

Some Things To Look Before Buying A Phone

Hey there, How are you hoping to be good? now it is a new world that has been packed inside your new smartphone means nowadays all are using smartphones and are just using the packed things on the smartphone box. One crazy device has all the power in the world to satisfy your life, capture all your valuable thoughts, keep you entertained for hours at the head, etc. Just read more if you agree…

Surely you would want to enjoy the endless power of this fantastic device that is in your pocket or your hand, isn’t it? Therefore we are here with some easy but remarkably valuable objects that would help you get the best out of your smartphone from the day one itself, the moment you put your hands inside the box and carefully take the smartphone out. So be ready.

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Have A Good Look at The Device and Its Packaging

When you have a shiny new smartphone and we know you are all tapped up to get your device going but before that take a good look at your device and the contents of the box nicely and compare it with your grandfather i.e.

The first thing you would want to make sure is to check if the device is clean and not cracked from all sides and mainly focus on camera as many scratches are in the camera. Then, also have a look and keep a stock of all the things that your new smartphone has come with like cables, charger, sim card ejector tool, etc. It would even be great if you get some free devices like power banks, selfie stick, a set of nifty ear-tips, phone-case, etc.

Make Sure the Battery Is Charged

The point of charging a new phone cannot be stressed enough. Even though, the new generation smartphones are packed with new generation batteries which are quite productive and efficient. Yet, charging a new phone is remarkably significant. You may want to your new phone into charging before using its applications and settings. After all, you would want unending access to your phone for installing and updating apps, walking through several wonderful features of your phone where charging a phone helps you lot.

Security Is The Number One Priority

A lock screen, a pin or a face or fingerprint lock (available with many smartphones) can help you keep your new smartphone away from any nosy miscreant who wants to have hands on your device. So, make sure you at least fix your pin, face or fingerprint lock.

There are a lot of security apps obtainable on the Google Play Store. But installing the unwanted cleaner apps are not my recommendation like c cleaner, total 360 because they make your phone performance from the following week after installing them.

Phone Needs Protection on The Outer Too

Now, this is a very important thing to talk because many ignore this accident can happen to anyone. The phone needs protection on the outer and internal parts as you need. Investing in a good quality screen protector like tempered glass or a hammered glass and a back-case doesn’t cost you a lot, but you would consider yourself lucky by not seeing your new smartphone broken when it accidentally falls overhead. Many people have many protective glasses given by the LCD manufacturer and people start to think their phone is really strong as NOKIA 3310 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Settings are Not to be Afraid of

You might not want to get surprised by the complex settings, but you may optimize the very basic settings concerning to security, RAM optimization, screen brightness, volume, internet, file management, battery usage, launchers, and several others. Some of which are mostly neglected by many users which is not good in all cases.

People are also afraid of re-making their phone setting because if anything happens then they will have to pay but its not the best idea because you can reset your phone anytime if anything gets wrong on the way.

Configure Your Accounts

It’s not just the apps that you would want to enjoy but you would also want to have access to all the files, folders, chats and other assets on your new smartphone as well. For that, you should make sure that you configure all your important accounts, your emails, your social media accounts and accounts about cloud storage. It is quite normal for someone to extremely entertain with a new smartphone mainly if it is new, but an over-indulgence can be harmful to both your mental and physical health so be aware if it…

Check for Any Pending Updates

Updates are extremely important for a smartphone. Most smartphones currently go along with everything already updated however you must have to keep watching on any necessary updates. If there are any, you must install the updates and get the most out of your devices operating system or apps.

In this part also there is a myth that if the phone is updated the data on your phone will get lost and also your phone will become hang all the time but it is not true.

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