Try Microsoft Edge’s Surf just like Google Chrome’s Dino

The most reputed offline Dino game is one of the Easter eggs that appear when there is no internet connection on Google Chrome. But now the present competitor, Microsoft is coming up with a Chromium-based Edge browser where they also have included a similar Surf game on the Edge browser.

The Edge Surf game is akin to SkiFree, a skiing game released by Microsoft as part of its Entertainment Pack 3 for Windows in 1991. The Surf game enabled players to reveal the logo for the new Chromium-based Edge browser.

Microsoft’s senior product manager for Edge, William Devereux twits all the details on Twitter. The arcade-style game is a whole bunch more superior than what Chrome offers. He additionally shared a GIF of the game which shows that it is even more interesting than The Chrome’s Dino.

Accordingly, The new game is an arcade-style format where players surf to prevent being attacked by a sea monster Kraken. The player has to maneuver the path full of obstacles. There are three modes for the game including Let’s Surf, an endless runner that keeps track of your high score, Time Trial, which challenges you to find the end as soon as possible, and Zig Zag, which forces you through gates for as long as possible.

“We hope you enjoy all of the improvements we’ve made to the game. Let us know what you think! We’d also love to hear your high scores, so please share them here or with @MSEdgeDev. Happy surfing!” he tweeted.

While playing the game or surfing, you can collect coins that will enable you to reach the end faster in the Time Trial mode. The Let’s Surf mode lets you ride the waves as far as you can, avoiding the barriers and the Kraken.

The Surf game can only be played when there is no internet but if you want to continue even when the network connection back just type edge://surf/ in the address bar and just play and have fun.

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