Use software after trial period is over for lifetime.

Hey, I am back with another trick to get any software license extended to lifetime. There are many software in the market that are easily available for using it as lifetime but in the next case, there are many software that comes with only limited trial period which is mostly like 30 days or 60 days. So, for that we can use this method and use the software for lifetime.

Nowadays every people we use various software in their desktops and laptops, software is required in almost every field of day to day life. And after the free trial days, you have to buy the license key to use them for more time and to get a key, you must have to pay some amount of dollars to the software company. Fortunately, you can do it without paying a penny, as we have stated the method below to do the same.

There is a comprehensive tool that will do this task and the name of this software is RunAsDate. With the help of this small software, you can use almost any software for free even after the trial period is over. You just have to follow some simple steps explained here:

  1. Firstly install the software RunAsDate, To download click here “DOWNLOAD” .
  2. Now turn off the real-time protection of any antivirus if you have it.
  3. Run the trial software on your computer and note down the date of installation.
  4. Okay, now when the trial version gets over do not directly launch the software, just right click on it and click run as and then choose Runasdate beyond.
  5. Here you go now the tool has made ready to use the wanted software access as long as you want.

Note: Every time you open you just run as through this tool. Otherwise, this trick will not work.

Disclaimer: This article doesn’t want to harm any software companies and individual, this is just mended for educational purposes. So, If any illegal acts are done after reading this post you yourself will be responsible.

You are done now, if you have some questions related to this topic then we are here to help you. If you get any problem please comment down. also, stay tuned for more activities like this. Don’t forget to apply this trick. I hope you love this content Me, Manish signing off # peace.

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